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Great British house names to inspire you

There are lots of reasons why you might choose the name of a house. Perhaps you're the first to live there and put your stamp on it, maybe you've just moved in and you can't bear that sign hanging on the front door, or it might even be the case that the property has taken on a new identity and it's time for a change.

House names to inspire you

On the other hand, if you're planning to sell a house, changing the name could adjust the price tag as well as raise the profile. Estate agents often advise clients to alter the name of their property to a more established and English title, encouraging the idea that the house has more to offer than meets the eye.

Whatever your reason for making the decision to change the name of a house, it won't necessarily be an easy one. Unless you've long dreamt of putting a favourite name to your very own home, it's highly likely that the abundance of choice will leave you wondering what to go for.

Luckily we've done a bit of digging so you can find inspiration in other people's choices for house names. You might even be surprised by what the common influences are.

The environment

According to research, the most common house names in the UK are based on plants and animals, with Orchard, Meadow and Rose Cottage ranking among the most popular. Residents of Norwich, for example, find inspiration in their everyday surroundings, with a particular focus on greenery and open space. The highest concentrations of Meadow and Orchard can be found here.

Mythical creatures are also popular with residents in this region, with a few properties paying homage to The Hobbit, adopting names such as "Bag End". Guernsey, Haslemere and York also have a keen interest in Tolkien, following suit with similar name choices.

It's fair to say that the environment plays a key role in determining the appropriate name for a property. In fact, the majority of the top 10 most popular house names in the UK are based on the environment. According to a database of 29.3 million UK properties analysed by Royal Mail, the top 10 British names include Holly, Oak and Willow, as well as those previously outlined.


Other forms of literary classics inspire name choices across the country, allowing legacies to live on in an era that often forgets such poignant pieces. "Toad Hall' from The Wind in the Willows and "Thornfield' from Jane Eyre rank highly, while popular period dramas such as Downton Abbey have also had an impact with suburban streets across the UK. "Highclere' shortened from "Highclere Castle' is a favoured name choice with Downton fans, and the recent success of "Poldark' has also seen a rise in "Nampara cottage', the home of Ross Poldark.


The age of a property can be a determining factor when choosing or changing a name. "The Cottage' for instance is a vastly popular choice across the UK, but applying this name to a new build would be nonsensical. With this in mind, developers tend to name new builds after famous architects or aristocrats. For example, Wentworth, a name known internationally is a popular name for new builds. The original Wentworth House, which dates back to the Battle of Hastings was the seat of Earl Fitzwilliam.

If you are changing the name of your house, then there are some important considerations that you should take into account before doing so. Read our article on how to go about this here. You will also be relieved to learn that changing your house name doesn't mean you will fall off the radar. Friends and family looking for your address can do so easily with the Whitepages address finder, which can successfully find an address with only part details, such as the owner or street.

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