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New Year’s resolutions to keep this year

When all the strawberry creams have been eaten and all that’s left in the bottom of the selection tin is a few sad toffee pennies (which no one likes anyway), it's time to stop stuffing your face with Christmas treats and start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions.

New Years Eve

Photo By: Marcia Taylor

Weight loss, quit smoking and easing up on the alcohol consumption are all common New Year’s resolutions which many of us will be attempting to stick to during the darkest and most bleakest month of the year. But come March time, I'm sure most of us will have given up on these dreams to become the best people we can be and will instead revert back to our normal, lazy ways.

But here at White Pages, we like to make resolutions that are a little easier to keep (i.e. ones that don’t involve us running around in a muddy field or visiting the gym at the crack of dawn, five times a week). Here are some of our New Year’s resolutions!

Enjoy Life More

Given the busy, stressful lifestyles most of us lead day-to-day, it can be hard not to slump in front of the TV at the end of a long day. And as we know, even our best impressions of a coach potato aren't going to get us anywhere in life (unless of course we happen to get a part in Gogglebox, but even then we probably wouldn't be as funny to watch as Leon and June).

Therefore, taking the time to enjoy our lives more should be a resolution that most of us should vow to keep. From remembering to call our grandparents more often to eating slower; stopping to appreciate the little things in life can make a big difference to our overall happiness.

Get Organized

For some of us, spring cleaning season can't come around fast enough, as our houses and calendars become awash with junk mail and missed appointments. For many, these things just add to our piles of stressors in our already cluttered lives.

That’s why doing things like updating our address books, or finally getting the photo albums in order can be really calming activities and ones that make us feel good about ourselves afterwards.

Validate the People in Our Lives More

Counting the number of likes on our Instagram photos or Facebook status has become the standard measure of popularity in modern times and when we post something that gets zero response from our followers, we start to freak out and think that we're pathetic, unloved losers.

But do you remember the times before social networking existed? The times where we had fewer than 500 'friends,' but at least if we only had a few buddies, we knew that those buds were mates for life and could be counted on to get us through the tough times.

Make time to validate your real-life friends this year, in person! If that means hunting them down and finding their addresses to pay them a visit, then do so! A reunion with a dear old friend has got to be worth a thousand 'likes' in terms of making you feel good.

Get a Mentor

The recession hit a lot of us hard and many of us still don't feel like we're on the right career path, even five years on. That’s why finding a mentor can be a great New Year's resolution for those who are sick of being stuck-in-a-rut with their career. Mentors can offer you personalised advice on how to tune up your CV or they can put you in touch with companies that might be hiring and are generally there to give you a pep talk as and when you need them. Think back to some professionals you've encountered, either when you were studying or at a previous job. You can use White Pages to search their names on the electoral roll and then find contact details. Many people would be flattered to be approached as a mentor, so don't be afraid to get in touch.