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Top five classic games for your mobile

Just like Hollywood’s formula of recycling the old; more and more old school classic video games are being dug out to be re-used on the latest smartphones. These old-school classic games give us a good dose of nostalgia and a novelty alternative to the Angry Birds craze.

Having eventually come to terms with the fact that Temple Run may actually never end; here are some of the great iconic mobile games that you can download to your handset right now.


Perhaps the most popular and iconic arcade game, this classic translates onto your smartphone really well. The simplicity is still intact and the game looks identical to the arcade version.

The controls take a little time getting used to, and you’ll find yourself longing for the real joystick. But never-the-less, this version is as close as you can get to replicating the real arcade game with the same bonuses and sound effects to help you relive your childhood.


Image by methodshop.com


Originally released in 1986, Tetris is one of, if not the most popular video puzzle games of all time. The mobile version is still as addictive and frustrating as ever. The game was hailed as deceptively simple and is perfectly suited for the mobile platform.


Image by Hazel Estrada

Street Fighter IV

This is a classic brawler game and one of the best translations from arcade to the smartphone with spectacular visual effects, an array of fighting moves and fireballs. This latest sequel has really smooth gameplay with two player and online multiplayer functions available.

Once again, the controls can be a bit fiddly and hard to master on a touchscreen. Although not quite replicating the same satisfying experience as the console, Street Fighter IV still packs a punch and would be a worthy addition to your Smartphone.


Image by J. Sumera 

The Simpsons Arcade


Image by Romain

The Simpsons Arcade for mobile is a good old fashioned beat ‘em up, originally released in 1993. The game is very enjoyable and just as fun as the old arcade version. It captures the feel and the character of the Simpsons with a few cameos and sounds straight from the hit series. The game depicts Homer as the protagonist, belly flopping bad guys in and around Springfield.

The only disappointment with this version when compared to the original arcade game is that you can no longer select multiple characters and are restricted to choosing Homer. However, the controls work surprisingly well and are far less frustrating than other arcade-to-smartphone translations.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic

Widely regarded as one of the fastest moving action games for the smartphone; this classic old school shoot ‘em up is identical to the hugely popular PC version. Action shooting games normally suffer on the mobile phone platform but this edition succeeds by maintaining the simple premise of shooting Nazi infested castles and finding treasure. Although there is not much depth to the gameplay and it can eventually become quite repetitive; the fast paced action and great looking visuals re-live the success of the original.


Image by Stefano Brivio

What classic nostalgic games for mobiles would you include?