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Two amazing reunion stories

Every day thousands of people attempt to reconnect with long-lost family members and loved ones. Reunions can make for heart-warming stories; other times the outcome can be disappointing. But on occasion, some reunion stories can be downright unbelievable. As Mark Twain wrote, “The truth is stranger than fiction” and if the following examples are anything to go by, he’s not wrong. Here are two amazing and very unusual reunion stories.


 Photo by: Kalexanderson

Couple Reunited Over a Lost Letter

Steve Smith and Carmen Ruiz-Perez, both 42, met as students while studying at university in England. They were together for a year before Carmen moved back to her home country, France, and the couple split up.

A few years later, a still heart-broken Steve attempted to fan the old flame by sending Carmen a love letter addressed to her mother’s house. Carmen’s mother received the letter and placed it on the mantelpiece but soon forgot about it. The letter was never read by Carmen; it had fallen down a gap in the fireplace where it then stayed for 10 years, unopened.

When Carmen’s mother decided to renovate her house the letter was discovered in its hiding place. It read, 'I hope you are well. I was just writing to ask if you ever married and if you ever still thought of me? It would be great to hear from you, please get in touch if you can. Steve XXX.'

Carmen, who up until this point had remained single, was delighted that Steve still harboured feelings for her, but at first she was too nervous to make contact after 16 years of separation. Eventually though, Carmen plucked up the courage to call and the pair reunited in Paris. The couple are now happily married.

Separated Identical Twins Living Identical Lives

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer from Ohio, USA were identical twins who were separated at birth and adopted by different parents. For 39 years neither knew of the other’s existence but from the incredible amount of similarities they share, you would think that they had been in conversation every day.

Aside from the fact that they looked the same and shared the same first name, the pair also had the following in common:

  • Owned a dog called Toy when they were kids,
  • They both had been nail biters,
  • Experienced unsettled sleep patterns in childhood,
  • Suffered from migraines,
  • Had first wives called Linda and second wives called Betty,
  • Named their first born sons James Alan (or Allen),
  • Held the same interests in stock car racing, making doll furniture,
  • Holidayed at the same beach in Florida.

The pair tracked each other down using US court records, although tragically they both eventually died on the same day from the exact same illness.

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