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White Pages postcode quiz

White Pages can help you find someone’s full address with access to over 200 million records on the Telephone Directory and the Electoral Roll. White Pages directories carry a wealth of information – but how much do you know about UK postcodes? Have a go at this postcode quiz to find out. Answers at the bottom of the page.

1) London postcodes are arranged in alphabetical order, but what do the ones which contain the number 1 stand for?

a) 1s are the most affluent areas of the city
b) 1s are closest to the centre of London
c) 1s are the Queen’s favourite parts of London
d) 1s fall on the main compass points of London

2) Why were postcodes originally invented?

a) To define town borders and boundaries
b) To prevent confusion between towns of the same name
c) To help postal workers decipher addresses on letters with scruffy handwriting
d) To help speed up the time of postal delivery

3) When were postcodes first introduced in Great Britain?

a) 1974
b) 1930
c) 1959
d) 1969

4) Postcodes usually start with the initial letter of the largest town in the area and then a second letter that also appears in the place name. For example LE = Leicester. However, there are exceptions to this rule. What are the names of the town/city that carry the following postcodes?

a) AL
b) SP
c) TS
d) SM

5) What is the average number of addresses that each postcode will cover?

a) 50
b) 34
c) 15
d) 20

6) What is the postcode for Buckingham Palace?

a) HRH1 7QE
b) QU3 3NY
c) SW1A 1AA
d) SW1B 2BP

7) Which postcode is home to the highest percentage of lottery winners and is therefore named ‘The Luckiest Postcode in the UK’?

a) SL – Slough
b) NE – Newcastle
c) BN – Brighton
d) IG – Ilford

8) Which is the UK’s most expensive postcode to live in, outside of London?

a) GU25 – Virginia Water, Surrey
b) HP8 – Chalfont Saint Giles, Buckinghamshire
c) KT10 – Esher, Surrey
d) SL5 – Ascot, Berkshire

9) Which postcode was labelled the ‘number one burglary hotspot in the UK’ according to a recent survey?

a) PR25 – Leyland, Lancashire
b) EN5 – Barnet, Hertfordshire
c) N16 – Stoke Newington, London
d) DN35 – Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire

10) Which UK postcode was labelled as having the ‘happiest’ residents?

a) RM – Romford
b) IG – Ilford
c) CA – Carlisle
d) DT – Dorchester

11) Which UK postcode was labelled as having the ‘unhappiest’ residents?

a) E12 – East London
b) EN – Enfield, London
c) DN – Doncaster
d) SG – Stevenage

12) Which UK postcode has the highest average life expectancy?

a) BH31 – East Dorset
b) TR7 – Newquay
c) OX1 – Oxford
d) SW7 – Kensington

13) Which postcode has the lowest average life expectancy?

a) G2 – Glasgow
b) BN – Brighton
c) SA – Swansea
d) CV – Coventry

14) Which town was labelled as the ‘best place to bring up children’ due to its school exam results, good child care provisions and low crime rate?

a) TQ –Torquay
b) RG – Wokingham
c) NE63 – Ashington
d) ST – Stafford

15) Which postcode was named as having a population with the best average credit rating?

a) GL6 – Stroud
b) NR –Norwich
c) SL – Slough
d) RH11 – Crawley


1. b, 2. d, 3.c, 4. a= Saint Albans, b=Salisbury, c= Middlesbrough (Teeside), d= Sutton 5.c, 6.c, 7.d, 8.a, 9.c, 10.c, 11.a, 12.d, 13.a, 14.b, 15.c