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Why Whitepages offers premium value

As a leading online telephone directory we do everything possible to provide the information you need, easily, quickly and at the lowest cost.

When searching for an old friend, a family member or even a business, it can be difficult to know where to start with only little information at hand. Well here’s some more good news, if you’re looking for UK phone numbers and addresses we can help even if you don’t have the complete information - just type in a name or part of an address and we’ll do the searching for you.

Our services work on a system of credits, allowing you to make as many searches as you need. With a selection of low-cost packages available, buying credits is simple and flexible - whether you need to find one contact or several, you can keep your credits for 6 months and track your findings as you go.

When using this kind of system you may be interested in what other online directories can offer you, which is why we’ve provided a comparison with 192.com. 192.com also allow you to search for UK numbers, however the full experience and costs differ largely from Whitepages.co.uk.

To give a very quick overview, here are the main differences between the services offered from Whitepages and 192.



6 credits - £7.95

100 credits - £24.95

300 credits - £59.95

600 credits - £99.95

6 Credits £9.95

100 Credits £29.95

300 Credits £84.95

600 Credits £149.95

Access to all Edited Electoral Rolls included in standard packages

Extra cost for historic Edited Electoral Rolls

Search history viewable

No search history

As you can see from this summary, Whitepages strive to offer more for your money than other providers such as 192. We consider each step of your search to make your journey as simple and fruitful as possible, which is why we’ve created these additional benefits.

Searching for people can be a lengthy and frustrating process, and it’s our mission to take the stress out of this for you. We know that you need to keep tabs on the information discovered, hence why Whitepages provide search history including search date, number of results found, and credit usage. This allows you to monitor your search journey without having to keep your own records, which may be a necessary chore with 192. What’s more, we won’t charge you access to historical Electoral Rolls as 192 do - we keep the costs straightforward and upfront so you don’t end up having to pay for extras.

One of the main advantages that Whitepages has over 192 is the fact that we provide an extensive range of details and resources when it comes to searching for people online. Recognising this as one of the most popular ways to find contact details, we provide details on age range, location and recency information.

This extends to information on professionals and businesses, with Whitepages providing access to details such as Director’s appointment dates and company registration information. This can really help make sure you have reached the most relevant person and cut out a great deal of time and effort in your search.

Whitepages is a trustworthy and reliable resource for all of your contact search needs, whether that’s to find an old friend, family member or more information on a business or member of staff.You can read more about our low-cost packages here, and choose an option that best suits your individual needs.

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