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Electoral Roll Search

Electoral Roll Search and Electoral Register Voters is a great way to find family and friends. To perform an intial free search enter the details you have into the box above.

If you have tried Facebook and had no luck then try using the Electoral Roll to find people.

What is the Electoral Roll?

The Electoral Register includes the names and addresses of most UK citizens over the age of eighteen and is used by electoral registration officers and returning officers across the country for purposes related to elections and referendums.

The Electoral Roll (2003 onwards) is the version of the Electoral Register that’s made available in two formats; the full version and the edited version. The full version has viewing laws applied to it, but the edited version (which omits people who have chosen to opt-out) does not.

How often is the Electoral Roll updated?

The Electoral Roll is updated yearly with additional quarterly updates through out the year. You can search for friends and family on the Electoral Roll using the search form above.

With Whitepages you will have access to historical data with all our packages, this gives you access to approximately 200 million more records than just the current Electoral Roll data.

What information is included in my search?

As well as the most up-to-date Electoral Roll information available and historic data from 2002, you will also have:

  • Telephone Directory Information,
  • Other household occupants
  • Detailed property and financial information
  • Birth, deaths and marriage information
  • Google Maps and Street View images

Have a look at our packages and a sample report or read some more detailed FAQs about the Electoral Roll

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