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Telephone Directories for Scotland

A lot of people ask: is there an online telephone directory for Scotland?

Yes and no is the simple answer. We give you a few tips on how to find details that you are looking for.

UK law protects the privacy of individual citizens by ensuring that it is not possible to do reverse lookups on telehone number.

However, using the search bar above you can browse through names and locations if you have these details. If you only have the prefix for the number, you should be able to work out the location. For example, 0131 is the telephone prefix for Edinburgh. Therefore, if you have a number and name, say, Joe Bloggs 0131 (or +44131) 867868768876, then you know that Joe Bloggs lives in Edinburgh and so can search that way

Whitepages UK also includes some electoral roll searching and various other databases as well. Some of these are free and some require payment.

You can enter details in the search box above and see if you can find what you are looking for.