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Using The Electoral Roll To Find People

It has never been easier to find the contact details for that long lost friend or relative. Simply enter whatever information you have about the person in the search boxes above and you can start your journey to searching the Electoral Register.

Here is a little more information about the electoral register and how it can help you get back in touch with that special someone.

The Electoral Register

The Electoral Register (which is also known as the Electoral Roll) contains the name and address of every registered voter in the United Kingdom. There are two versions: a full one and an edited version.

The Full Electoral Roll

By law, every UK citizen over the age of 18 must provide their name and address details to the electoral commission if they wish to vote in UK elections, local council elections and referendums. Every year, an updated version of the electoral register is compiled from this data and divided into polling districts.

The electoral registration information is also used to select UK citizens to attend jury service and is also available for credit companies to check a person's details, should they wish to apply for a loan. It is therefore a criminal offence to provide false information to the electoral commission in their annual canvas of the UK electorate.

This means that if you are looking for a hard-to-trace person over the age of 18, it is highly likely that their name and address will appear on the full electoral register.

Please note before you begin your search: The Electoral Roll will not customarily contain details of the following;

  • Members of the House of Lords
  • Foreign national residents in the UK (except Commonwealth citizens or citizens of the Irish Republic)
  • Patients detained under mental health legislation
  • Sentenced prisoners and people convicted of corrupt or illegal election practices within the last five years
  • People who are not registered to vote

The Edited Electoral Roll

The edited version of the electoral roll is an abridged version of the full electoral register. Since 2003, members of the public can choose to have their details excluded from the edited version by ticking a box on their voter registration form. By law, people search websites are only allowed access to edited versions of the electoral roll from 2003 and the full electoral roll in 2002. The electoral register is updated monthly, known as the rolling register, which makes the White Pages search results highly accurate.

How to Get Started

To get started, simply enter a name and address into the search fields above and click search.

White Pages offers preview data from the electoral roll from the year 2002 right up to the present day, as well as data from the official UK telephone directory. This means that by using our service you gain instant access to contact information, which could prove vital to your search for that missing person.

Searching Names and Addresses

The minimum information you need is the person's initial and surname and a rough geographical location. Obviously, the more information you can provide the better but, for instance, a search of a person's surname, their first initial and their town or first half of postcode, can still yield search results.

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